Thursday, July 25, 2013


So which story do you want to hear about first?
The pool ...or the quilt?

So I'll start with the unfortunate pool incident
because I know that everyone
loves an embarrassing moment.

Let me set the scene for you:
Yesterday afternoon we did our usual jaunt to the pool.
At the top of every hour,
they call "adult swim" and all the kids have to get out of the pool
for 15 minutes.
Naturally at this time everyone clears out of the pool
because everyone there is usually a kid or has kids.

During this time we usually sit & eat a snack.
So Not-So-Little-Person
notices a physically fit lady running around the track next to the pool.
He turns to me and says
"Mommy, you should be out there running like her so that you won't 
be gushy any more!" now everyone at the pool turns around to look 
at the "gushy lady"!
I mean everyone looked at me because no one was in the pool.

Then this sweet mom at the table next to us says
"Sweet Pie we are all gushy!"

Now I am just the "gushy lady" at the pool
who should be running around the track instead of reading 
gossip magazines by the pool!

Ok on to the quilt.

Yesterday I talked out my decision
to Quilt-A-You-Go (QAYG)

Last night I stayed up WAY too late
and I trimmed down all of those 
squares...160 to be exact.

And now my arm is numb,
well beyond numb,
more like about to fall off numb.

I found the QAYG process interesting
and I plan to do an entire post on it
once my quilts are done.

Now I am going to find a bottle of Advil
and watch mindless TV
or read more gossip magazines.
I'll probably choose the TV 
since I already read the magazines at the pool while I was being "gushy"!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. Out of the mouths of babes! I'm liking those quilted stacked blocks!

  2. Gotta love those sweet little people! I love the sweet mom's comment about us all being "gushy"...yes, I am, too. I'm looking forward to seeing you put your quilt together. Love the colors in it!

  3. "Sweet Pie we are all gushy!" Perfect response! She would be my new best friend! =D

    1. LOL! Oh those kids. They do say the funniest stuff. I love Amy, a redeemed sheep's reply.

      I love the beige colors, Can't wait to see the quilt and see what you think about the qayo experience when you finish.

  4. Badge of honour for having my babes... :-) My youngest tells it like it is too. Loving the QAYG. The colours look wonderful!

  5. Cute story...looking forward to hearing about the quilt as you go!

  6. I think that's why I could never have children--I wouldn't have the good grace to laugh at something like that, I'd launch into how it was the kid's fault I was "gushy"! Not exactly good mother material. :)

  7. Kids just seem to know the right (or wrong!) thing to say. What exactly is gushy?!

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