Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paper Pieced Hexagons {How I Spent My Evening}

Thankfully Hurricane Isaac landed
to the left of us!
Fortunately, we only experienced
long periods of heavy rain fall!
While listening to the steady
I dug into my "newly cut" scraps

I added a few more hexagons
to my quilt.
Slowly but surely my hexagon quilt is growing.
You can find my previous hexagon update here.
Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!
Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preparing For Isaac

There is a Hurricane brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.
My sweet Southern state of Mississippi
is in its projected path.
Last night I should have been at Walmart
(with the rest of the city)
stocking up on water, batteries, and candles.
Instead I sent Hubby and  I pulled out
my "untouched for months"
box of "large" scrap pieces.
As a Florida girl, this isn't the first storm
that I have been threw.
So my way of planning ahead was to cut up my scraps
and prepare a few projects
just in case
I don't have electricity, cable, or Internet.
So after about an hour of cutting,
I had these:

I cut three different sizes:
5" squares, 2 1/2" squares, and tumbler pieces.
I plan to spend most of my time
working on my "never ending" hexagons,
but I have the other piles just in case I get bored.
Oh yeah, I picked this up the day and I plan to give it
a try.
Well at least I will be prepared!
Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fabric Crush {ABC 123 by American Jane}

I have always been an American Jane fan.
Sandy's newest line, ABC 123,
did not disappoint me!

I love the vintage prints, especially the florals!

Here are some of my favorites:

The red fabric with the white letters is really calling my name!
The ABCs remind me that summer is over
and that we are now in the back to school season.

I love it when fabric lines include black!
It gives a nice contrast.

Now time to decide what to do with all of this yumminess.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paper Pieced Hexagons {An Update}

The Summer Olympics are over and I was sad to see them end!
I sat down and watched them every night after
the Little Person went to bed.

I knew that I needed a "hand project" to calm my nerves
during all of those memorable "nail-biting"moments.
I dug around in hopes of finding several
projects that I could work on,
but all I could find were my
"old faithful" hexagons.

So here is what I did while watching the Summer Olympics:

Of course, I didn't keep track of how many Grandmother's Flowers
I attached!

I just kept going...and going...and going....
because who knows when I will feel like picking up this project again.

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fabric Crush {Simply Color by V and Co for Moda}

Before Spring Quilt Market, Vanessa of V and Co. fame let the
quilting world know that she would be releasing her first line
of quilting fabric, Simply Color.

I held my breath and drooled over my keyboard as I studied her preview
I knew that I NEEDED it!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a fat quarter bundle.

After staring at all of the beautiful colors,
I pulled!
I pulled the twill ribbon holding it together and trust me it was
difficult to do because they looked so pretty together!

I pulled out the ones that caught my eye:

The best part about this fabric line is the fact that it has
something for everyone...girls (not too girlie) and boys (not too baby)!
This is important to me because we are all boy around here.

Like I said...I love it when a fabric line has something for me
and my Little Person.

This is my absolute favorite print in the fabric line:

I am drawn to the blue! I would love to make a skirt out of the fabric and pair it with
an awesome white t-shirt. (Now I just need someone to make the skirt for me.)

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Like Rachel Ray

Everyone knows Rachel Ray
(queen of the 30 minute meals)

and her famous Rachel Ray Garbage Bowl.
(Yes I love the red bowl!)

In case you are not familiar with the garbage bowl,
Rachel Ray keeps this lovely red bowl on the counter while she is cooking.
She puts all of her trash/peels into the bowl while she is cooking so that she doesn't have to walk back and forth to the garbage can. Smart lady!

So this gave me an idea.....
I need a garbage bowl to sit on my table while I am cutting fabric/squaring off my blocks.
This way I won't have to walk back and forth to the trash can every time I have a pile of fabric snippings! Here is what I came up with:

I looked for a red one, but I saw this one and fell in love! is plastic!

I got it at Walmart.....and it only cost me $1.00!

As you can see, I love it and I use it all of the time.
Sometimes you can even find a few candy wrappers in there!

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Citrus Crush { A Small Quilt}

A few weeks ago I started making this small quilt.
 I can't remember exactly when I started making this quilt
because I can't find any photos of my quilt making process.
(They must have gotten lost during my computer crash.)

Anyway, my Little Person L-O-V-E-S the color orange.
So I thought, why not make a small quilt
in Little Person's favorite color
to use on my dining room table this summer.
I opened my Central Park by Kate Spain
charm pack and pulled out the
orange, yellow, and green printed charm squares.
I dug through my stash and pulled out a few
more coordinating Moda prints.

Fast forward to this past weekend.
Little Person and Hubby were out of the house for the day
and I was in the mood to finish something small.
I grabbed this almost finished quilt top,
 added the Bella Solid borders, and finished quilting it.

Here is what I was able to finish:

Citrus Crush measures 30" X 30".

There you have project off the
 "to-be-completed-before-I am-too-old-to-quilt PILE"!
At least I will be able to use it on my table
next summer.

Fabrics Used: Central Park by Kate Spaing for Moda
Various other Moda Scraps
Moda Bella Solid Orange
Moda Bella Solid Off White

Quilt Size: 30" X 30"
Pattern: My own design
Machine quilted by me

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabric Crush {Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater}

Have you ever "met" a fabric line that you just couldn't get out of you mind?
Well, I just couldn't get the crab shack,
out of my mind!

I started out with 2 charm packs

and then the obsession hit!

Now I have one of each precut (ssshhhh don't tell Hubby).

For me, this fabric line is perfect for my Little Person.

I love the shade of blue for him (the red for me)


my Little Person loves the orange.

As you can see there are so many cute prints in the fabric line,

but this is my FAVORITE one:

something about those t-shirts and bikini tops really make me smile!

The fabric line is still available at
Don't say that I didn't warn you!

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inspiration {Mollie Makes Magazine}

We all need a little inspiration!

I took these photos of my Little Person this summer while
he was reading his inspiration:

(Legos are Mega-HUGE at our house!)

I miss seeing him sitting on my "favorite" quilt while reading his Lego magazine.
He could sit there for hours and read that magazine.

Yep....he follows in his mother's foot steps
because yesterday in the carpool line
I read a little inspiration of my own:

I have fallen in L-O-V-E with this magazine!

I am just dying to make this

Once Upon A Time : says "Easy Peasy"!

I think that I would use a layer cake to make the mattresses.

I was reading issue 15 but I think that issue 16 & 17 are out now.
 You can find then at Bunny Hill Designs.

I hope that you also find inspiration in your day!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

Monday, August 6, 2012

Reflections {Inspired By Mary of Quilt Hollow}

{This post is for Mary of Quilt Hollow, who is always
reminding me to stop and relish all the moments
that I have with my Little Person. Thanks Mary for all of your support! XOXO}

Summer officially ended today for me. was the first day of school
and of of course I was filled
mixed emotions
(imagine that).

You see, it seems like yesterday when I took this photo
of my Little Person.
Well that was December 2009!

Those feet look so "tiny" compared to what they look like today!

BTW-that stack of quilts was my "completed quilts for
December 2009"!
Gosh I wish that I could get even half of that done now.

So fast forward to today:

the first day of 1st grade! much to reflect upon!

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting

Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspired By Color {Moda Bella Solids}

It is no secret

that I love color.

Yesterday I pulled out some

of my Moda Bella Solids.

For some reason

I was drawn to these solids:

I guess that I was in a "summer citrus" kind of mood.

Just when I started to pull out my fabric,

my Little Person came in the room and

asked me if he could "make an art project".

So, out came the craft supplies

and away went my fabric.

Speaking of Little Person,

today is our last day of summer!

School starts Monday!

(Happy and sad about that)

Until Next Time ...Happy Quilting!
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