Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I should have titled this post
"Operation Save The Beige Sofa".

I can't remember if I posted this picture here.
I know that I posted it on Instagram
I never remember to post pictures here.

Back to the picture.
In exactly 2 weeks
 is going to get a sweet puppy
as his surprise birthday gift.
Just like the sweet one on the cover of the book.
Anyway, he doesn't read my blog so it's OK for me to talk about here.

Over the weekend,
I had one of those "insomnia filled" nights.
While tossing & turning
I remembered 
the upcoming birthday present.
And then I remembered that my sofa is BEIGE!

You see...I love my sofa & love seat.
It is the most comfortable sofa....the kind that you
can take a long Sunday afternoon nap upon.

"What if the Puppy ruins my beige sofa?"
No worries...I'll just make a quilt to cover the the seat of the sofa.

So I grabbed a piece of paper from my night stand & wrote
"Beige Sofa" on it. 
Just so that you know,
I keep a pen & paper on my night stand so that I can
jot down all those things that I remember in the middle of the night
that I don't want to forget....comes in handy all too often.

The note fell on the floor
& Hubby found it.
He gave it to me & wanted to know why I would write 
"Beige Sofa" 
in the middle of the night.

I told him my plan.

Then he said 2 things that stood out to me:

#1: "Not More Chevrons"
I will admit that I love chevrons & I do have a few of them scattered around the house....and I don't plan to cover the house top to bottom with chevrons like I did with the toile a few years ago.
 Besides, I already made a chevron quilt last year.

#2: "You can't make 2 quilts in 2 weeks! You have too much going on right now."
Ohhh...now wait a minute!
Did he just challenge me?

So now it is game on!.....
I am on a mission...Operation Save The Beige Sofa...
Two weeks Two Quilts.

I don't care if I look like a zombie...I am going to make those quilts...
For the puppy,
For the Beige Sofa,
To prove him wrong!

Sorry little stitchery that I wrote about yesterday!...you & your post will have to wait.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. Good luck with the puppy! It's a good thing they're so cute, because wow, can they be little monsters! Kind of like children, I guess. :)

  2. Oh my I love your attitude! "Did he just challenge you? Oh no he didn't"....
    good luck and get sewing LOL

  3. You can do it! I write things down in the middle of the night, too!

  4. Oh yay! A puppy! A lab puppy? First. It won't shed for about 6-8 months. Train it not to go on the sofa. We did...and then husband caved a few too many times. Then we got a leathaire sofa to help with the hair. gah. Better...easy to swiffer off. I am contemplating getting a 2nd pup, because our first is such a great dog. But the fur......oh the fur!!!! LOL The love is so worth it though!

  5. Oh.....Your life is going to change for the better! they are worth the fur that needs to be vacuumed. =)

  6. LOL!! This is so funny. (I missed it previously - so I'm a little late) How fun. Be sure to buy LOTS of rawhide bones - puppies love to chew and that will help save many things around your house. Our little terrier pup would go through a BIG bag of rawhide in a month. Now it's a bone a month. Another good thing about a puppy is the family quickly learns to pick things up they don't want chewed up - makes for a nice picked up house. :-)


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