Monday, July 29, 2013


here is how my weekend began:

On Friday, I did what I have been dreading all summer,
Back To School shopping!
School starts for us in less than 2 weeks
and there is nothing like waiting until the Tax Free Weekend
to do your uniform shopping.

Yep...Not-So-Little-Person outgrew all of the brand new uniforms
that we bought back in March.
So rather than send him back to school looking like a Hobo,
I was brave and ventured out into the big, bad world of retail
to buy him some new uniforms!
Apparently every other parent in town had the same
exact idea as me. Retail chaos at its finest!

So now I can firmly say that my child has all new uniforms,
which will last until...oh say, October when it gets colder!

Then my little feet were tired after all of that retail chaos,
so I sat down with Not-So-Little-Person
and we had movie night.
He got to pick the movie & I got the comfy chair!
While we were watching The Flintsones (1994 with John Goodman & Halle Berry).
I pulled out my last low volume quilt & sewed on the rest of the binding:

Stitching Marathon until I tied the last stitch!

Holla! I finished both low volume/beige quilts before the puppy arrived

Then 24 hours later,
our little family of 3 grew to a family of 4:

Meet Rascal...the newest member of our family!
7 weeks old.

Here are a few more proud puppy mama photos:

Cute right? 
Until he started yelping at 2am!
Then...not so cute!

Definitely not cute when he went potty on my floor!

So there you have it,
our family grew by 1 puppy and 2 quilts
this weekend.
Speaking of quilts,
I'll do a post on the quilts tomorrow.
I didn't want to take away from the puppy cuteness.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. Oh my he is adorable...nothing in the world better than a sweet lab puppy...ENJOY every minute...he'll grow sooooooooooooooo fast

  2. Rascal is gorgeous, you will have so much fun with him. The house training and sleepless nights are over so quickly - good luck!

  3. oh my gosh...we named our stray kitten Rascal...but mostly I call him Cotton, as in cotton ball... and he hasn't peed on the floor but he has jumped up and scratch my mouth while I was sleeping. THat freaked me out and hurt a ton. so hope your Rascal doesn't scratch you!

  4. Oh, boy, he looks like he's going to be very big when he's all grown up! Adorable, to say the least. Looking forward to seeing him grow. Can't wait to see the quilts soon!

  5. I love the name. He is so cute :-) Take tons of photos, you won't believe how much they change from one week to the next! Enjoy every minute, they are gorgeous babies! What does the rest of the family think?

  6. Very cute! What is it about 2am?! It's when my cat wants me to get up and play.

  7. Was not so little surprised?! Rascal is so cute!

  8. OMG, is he a Lab? One of the cutest puppies EVER! I remember when our old dog was little and wanted free reign of the house - we had a huge box we put him in at night and it was such a headache - he did NOT want to be in there, but he would make a HUGE mess if he wasn't in there, LOL. Puppy stage will be gone before you know it - and Labs are easy to potty train :) Do I spy some Dandelion Girl in that stack of low volume material?!!! :) Love <3


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