Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So I wanted to post an update
Operation Beige Quilt. 

While Not So Little Person
was at tennis lessons,
I had every intention of
out my plans for the beige quilts,
but that didn't happen because I
spent the entire time
digging through my purse & car to find
a rubber band to pull back my "humidity hair" into a pony tail.
Humidity & my hair are not friends!

Luckily  I found a pony tail holder
just in time to hit the pool
for swimming lessons.
When we got to the pool,
I parked myself in a spot under an umbrella & got to work
on my beige quilt ideas.

Here is a glimpse of my fancy quilt math.
Luckily I still remembered what 
I was thinking when I got home.

Fabric Selection

In my mind, I had a couple of criteria for the beige quilts.

  1. Since the sofa is beige, I don't want the quilt fabrics to compete with the sofa. I really don't want it to scream "quilt on the sofa", so something TOTALLY out of my comfort zone....softer colors...not the bold solids that I am currently using for my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.
  2. The fabrics must compliment my current color scheme..i.e. the already existing pillows on my sofa. My "current" colors are oatmeal, french ivory, and spa blue. Now if you ask Hubby, the colors are beige, white, & light blue. 

So when we got home from the pool,
I dug into my 
stash of beige/cream/white fabrics
and I came up with these:

I pulled quite a bit more
photographing cream, beige,white 
is not easy!

So tonight,
I am going to flex my Quilter's muscles
and cut like a mad quilter
I have 
(160) 12 1/2" squares.
Wish me luck
I am on a mission!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. Good luck with the cutting. It will be gorgeous.

  2. I'll be really interested to see how this turns out. A low volume quilt project is an idea I am turning over in my head at the moment...


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