Monday, July 22, 2013


My weekend recap begins like this:

I asked Not-So-Little-Person what he wanted to do
& surprise, surprise,
he wanted to go to the pool! Again.
That was fine by me because
my other option was to stay
home and help Hubby trim the bushes that I had been
complaining about.

So off to the pool we went.
While we were there,
Not-So-Little-Person comes up to me and CALMLY says
"I think I bee just stung me."
Then he holds up his finger that is now swollen to the size of his BIG toe.
Nothing that a little first aid & Benadryl couldn't fix.

When we got home, guess who was still working in the yard?
After working in the yard for about 4 hours,
Hubby came in tired as an ox...maybe a little heat exhaustion as well.
See...I made the right choice.

Fortunately for me, they were exhausted and they passed out early.
Score...uninterrupted sewing time!

Here is the classic part of the post.
Last week Ree of Pioneer Woman posted a Sixteen Candles Quiz/Giveaway on her blog.

(yep, I took the quiz and scored 100%!)

So I love this movie! 
Not to mention that I was going to marry Jake Ryan!

Sorry Hubby, but it was 1984 & I was going to marry
Jake Ryan...or Tom Cruise...or John Stamos!

When I sat down to start sewing,
I noticed that
Sixteen Candles was going to be starting in 15 minutes.


Then I noticed that The Breakfast Club was going to be 
coming on after that!

Double Amen!

Finally I got my sewing grove on
and did some serious chain piecing:

only stopping
at the critical parts in the movie 
when  Jake Ryan came on the screen!

or to refill my Diet Pepsi.

I even did more cutting:

Cautiously so I wouldn't cut too many squares again
or my finger!

Thanks to the bee sting, heat exhaustion, and Sixteen Candles,
I was able to get all  156 blocks made.

All I have to do is commit to the final block placement
and I will be ready to sew those bad boys together.

I am linking up to Lee @ Freshly Pieced.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. Great progress, great pics, and a great story! Looking forward to seeing the next step!


  2. Laughing while I read this...I love 16 Candles and watch it on reruns too. Anxious to see your finished product!

  3. 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, and free time to sew? Perfection!!

  4. 1984...I was going to marry Tom Cruise or Rick Springfield!!! Fun post!

  5. Great movie watching while sewing! I love both those movies. Jake Ryan. Love him! And Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club.... yum!

  6. Funny post. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to hear about old loves (true or fiction):-)

  7. What a great post! Thank you for sharing this story. 1984, i was a little bit younger, so no thoughts about marriage ha ha. Oh well maybe a little: I was fan of Heidi and proclaimed that my kids would be named Heidi and Peter. I was so sure of this! LOL!!! no kids at the moment, so we will wait and see!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  8. Goodness gracious, you got a lot done! I've been taking advantage of 2 1/2 uninterrupted hours during bible school this week!

  9. That sounds like pretty perfect sewing time to me! Hope the bee sting's all better :)


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