Monday, November 29, 2010

Journey Of A Quilt: Part 1

I finally got a day off from work

and I designated part of the day "ME" time.

I sat down in front of my sewing machine

and went to work on this:

However, when I opened up the quilt top,

I just wasn't satisfied with the way that it looked.

Something just wasn't right,

so I took the quilt top outside to get

a fresh look at it.

I decided that I wanted the quilt to be a little bit longer.

I  added  a 5" strip of fabric to the top and bottom of the quilt.

Later on that evening,

I sat down to attempt the quilting.

Shortly after I started,

I looked up and noticed that my Little Person had joined me.

When it was his bed time,

he sent reinforcements to keep me company.

The quilting is done.

The binding is done.

I just need to go outside and take a picture of the quilt.

(Terrible right?)

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Wow! I can't believe that the Holiday

season is almost upon us.

 It seems like I just took down all of my

Christmas decorations!

So with the end of the year rapidly upon us,

I have decided that I need to comeplete

 my unfinished projects.

(This way Santa will be pleased with all of my work

and he will bring me more fabric

to use for next year. Hint, Hint)

I am determined to finish this quilt:

I started it back here.

I was making steady progress on the quilt

here, herehere, and here.

For some reason, it got put away

and it was "forgotten" until yesterday.

Hopefully between working at my new job

and caring for a sick Little Person,

 it will be completed soon!

(This is my favorite American Jane for Moda  print!)

My last goal is to complete 10 more Grandmother Flowers!

I am trying to reach 100 completed flowers before the

end of the year.

I am sooooo close!

My last update was here.

Until Next Time ...Happy Quilting!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Favorite

Another photo favorite

from around my studio today:

Stacks of beautiful quilts always make me smile!

I am hoping to add another one to this stack really soon.

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!

BTW- How do you store/organize

the quilts that you are not using?

(Just looking for some suggestions)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Journey Of A Quilt : The Finish

I recently decided to re-enter

the workforce on a part time basis.

The decision was purely to satisfy my need

to be around people

(other than my Little Person everyday).

Once I made the decision,

I had a job offer within two days

and I started work immediately!

So with that being said,

now I truly cherish EVERY moment that I get to spend

in front of my sewing machine!

I  finally sat down and finished sewing on the

binding of my SNIPPETS quilt.

Here is what my latest creation looks like:

I love how the 1 inch strips breaks up the design.

I used Fig Tree fabric for the backing.

When I made this quilt, I wasn't sure what

I was going to do with it.

However, the other day I laid it down on top

of my sewing machine

and it looked pretty good.

So, I think that I will add some ties to

the sides of it

and turn it into a sewing machine cover.

(I'll let you know how it turns out!)

Quilt Stats

Quilt Pattern/Design: Snippets (my own crazy design)

Size: 37" X 24"

Block Size: 4" finished

80 HST

Fabric: Bliss by Bonnie & Camille for Moda

(backing- Fig Tree for Moda)

(BTW-Don't worry, I'll still be around! )

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Journey Of A Quilt: Part 3

Thanks to the holiday (Veterans' Day),

the journey of my quilt was able to continue.

I decided on a simple layout:

Since this is a quilt made out of scraps,

I threw in 1 1/2" strips made from leftover scraps.

I love how the strips break up the row of blocks

while adding just enough to the simple layout.

Next I added  a simple quilting design.

I am obsessed with scrappy binding.

 I took more leftover scraps and cut them into 2 1/2" strips.

The result is this lovely roll of binding:

Now all that I need to do is sit down,

choose something from my TiVo list,

and sew on the binding.

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Journey Of A Quilt : Part 2

The stars aligned (which rarely happens)

 and I was able to continue

working on my scrappy quilt.

I have decided to name it SNIPPETS

since it is made out of my leftover scraps

from a previous project.

The journey towards becoming a quilt

continued with this:

For some reason

joining the (80) 2 1/2" Half Square Triangles (HST)

took longer than I thought.

(It must have been all of the distractions.)

Then I married the blocks together

and created (40) 4 1/2" blocks.

Now I just have to decide on  a layout

for the blocks

but that will have to wait until tomorrow

because motherhood is calling.

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Journey Of A Quilt: Part 1

I thought that it would be nice

to show the journey that

my leftover scraps took toward becoming

a quilt.

It all began by turning

my scraps into small Half Square Triangles (HST).

Then came the dreaded task of getting rid of those

pesty "tails" .

When all was said and done,

I had 80 HST.

Now all I have to do is

pin them together, sew,

and press them open.

Wish me luck!

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Healthy Appreciation

It is no secret that I have a healthy appreciation



Print, Paper, and Pattern!

So it was no surprise when I was walking

down the aisle

and noticed/gravitated toward these:

Maybe it was the bold colors,

or the paisley print.

Maybe it was the fact that it reminded

me of fabric.

I think that the real reason why I bought them was because of this:

The tiny cross-hatching that is embossed

on the cover

which reminded me of


So for all of the great marketing minds

out there,

I will buy ANYTHING that

reminds me of QUILTS!

Please tell me that I am not the only one out


Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hexagon Update

Since Project Runway is over (insert sigh),

I have been catching up on all of

my regular TV shows.

This means that I have plenty of time

to work on my hexagons.

This week I sat down and completed

10 more Grandmother's Flowers.

I now have a total of

82 Grandmother Flowers

completed to date.

Total of 574 hexagons used.

Once I reach 100 completed flowers

I will begin to attach them together.

Maybe, just maybe,

I will be able to start attaching them together

before the end of the year.

Each flower is beautiful on its own,

but I can't watch to see how

they all look together.

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!

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