Wednesday, July 24, 2013


When you live in a smallish town
 (population approximately 40,000),
you know just about everybody.

The other day,

I was gossiping with one of the bank customers (who happens to be a quilter)
and she asked me about my latest project.

I told her about the puppy birthday present, the beige sofa, & the challenge.
(You can read about the puppy HERE)

Then she said,
"Darlin', you need to QUILT AS YOU GO! Ya'll be done in a jiffy!"

Well it got me thinking & then researching.

 I remembered the deadline...the puppy is coming this weekend.

Then I remembered that 
my Mama, who is a petite little thing, 
always told me to never change anything
right before
a deadline or something important.
"Stick to what you know!"

For example,
 two weeks before my junior prom,
I had the brilliant idea
that I wanted to change my hairstyle
(which really meant bigger hair and more bangs).
My Mama told me not to do it,
but my stubbornness won
and the day of the prom was my WORST hair day E-V-E-R!
Totally flat hair!

Well I should have learned my lesson,
when I got home,
I busted out the batting and began cutting AGAIN for the 3rd time this week

and basting all 160 squares:

and quilting them:

Right now,
I'm thinking that I should have listened to Mama!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. What puppy?! Did I miss something? I hope you get all you need to finish in time...but what about the pool too? Hee!

  2. I did my last big quilt this way and the quilting was so easy, Joining the blocks was awkward to start with as it was totally new to me, but by 1/3 way through it became easier and by the end I had decided that every large quilt will be QAYG.

  3. Oh, come on now, it's looking good! Can't wait to see puppy pics!

  4. I never heard that advise - but just the opposite - change it at the last minute if you need to. So according to that advise you are right on track. And look! Your quilt looks great so far. You Can Do It!

  5. I don’t understand, you only quilted squares of top fabric and batting.
    Where does the backing come in!
    And how is this QAYG?


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