Friday, July 26, 2013


the weatherman called for
80% chance of rain.

This meant that there was a 100% chance that 
we would be staying home
and not going to the pool or the tennis court!

YIPPEE for me...a whole day of finishing my quilts.

I let Not-So-Little-Person do whatever he wanted to do.
He was free to tear up the house,
watch movies,
play video games,
eat icees,
play with Lego,
whatever...just don't bother me!

I did my usual, use the floor as your design wall,
and I committed to a layout.

I like to lay the blocks out on the floor,
step back,
walk around them,
and sit on my bar stool while I analyze the block placement.

Speaking of analyzing,
last week Not-So-Little-Person made a RARE appearance in my studio.
I mean RARE because he is too busy
to come in there these days.
Gone are the days when he was little and he would sit in my studio for hours
while I played with fabric.

He pointing out all of the places where the same fabrics 
"are touching". See he did learn something when he used to sit in my studio!

Back to the quilt and my matching toe nail polish.
The nail polish color is called "I Need A Refresh Mint"
(just thought I would through that out there ).

So thanks to a day of 80% chance of rain,
I had a 
100% productive day.

BOTH quilts are quilted
and put together.
The larger quilt has the binding done.
The smaller quilt is waiting for binding.

Have no WILL be done tonight...just in time to prove
Hubby wrong! (You can read about it HERE).

Ohhh...and in less than 24 hours the puppy birthday present will become
the 4th member of our family!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. I noticed the nail polish in the post above- it looks so good! Just love it with and without your quilt.

  2. Haha - I love the nail polish matching the quilt! :) <3

    Great job getting it done in two weeks to show him you can do it. How is the quilt holding up with the (not-so) puppy?

    I really like your go-do-your-own-thing-while-I-sew approach, as I am a mother of two monsters myself.


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