Friday, November 5, 2010

Hexagon Update

Since Project Runway is over (insert sigh),

I have been catching up on all of

my regular TV shows.

This means that I have plenty of time

to work on my hexagons.

This week I sat down and completed

10 more Grandmother's Flowers.

I now have a total of

82 Grandmother Flowers

completed to date.

Total of 574 hexagons used.

Once I reach 100 completed flowers

I will begin to attach them together.

Maybe, just maybe,

I will be able to start attaching them together

before the end of the year.

Each flower is beautiful on its own,

but I can't watch to see how

they all look together.

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh are doing good...the colors are sooooo wonderful. Yes, I wish they would just have back to back Project Runways...I didn't want Gretchen to win...but oh well.

  2. Yes they are beautifully done!!

  3. They are beautiful and you are on a roll Stefanie!

  4. Those are great! This is going to be a beatiful project.

  5. Stefanie,
    Your GFG flowers look phenomenal! I can't wait to see them come of these days I'll have to dig mine out and get it moving again.
    All my best,


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