About Little Lady Patchwork

About Little Lady Patchwork
Little Lady Patchwork is my on-line quilt store that specializes in pre-cut Moda Fabrics, Modern Quilt Patterns, and Quilt Supplies. My company was started because I love to create modern and traditional quilts using quality pre-cut fabrics.
About Me (Stefanie)
After graduating from Nursing and Graduate School in Florida, I married my long time beau, Victor, who became a Navy Carrier Pilot. Along the journey of life, I had the fortune of meeting folks who taught me the wonderful art of Quilting. Once my husband lovingly bought me my first sewing machine, my passion for quilting, the joy of the "Quilting Culture" and yes- shopping for all that wonderful fabric was etched in stone! Together since 1993, my husband and I are the proud parents of a wonderful six year old son, and now reside in Mississippi.

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