Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Favorite

Another photo favorite

from around my studio today:

Stacks of beautiful quilts always make me smile!

I am hoping to add another one to this stack really soon.

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!

BTW- How do you store/organize

the quilts that you are not using?

(Just looking for some suggestions)


  1. love your quilt's beautiful!

  2. Lovely stack!! The quilts that are not used are hanging freshly washed on (over) the baluster.

  3. LOL - organize? I am lucky if I can keep them folded as my son (5) will grab whichever one he wants to use - even if it is at the bottom of the stack. I have a big wicker basket of them in the living room, a stack on a trunk in my bedroom, and more draped over the back of the chair in my son's room. I have a few UFO's in progress and have NO IDEA where they will go.

  4. I do not have enough quilts to be organizing them. However, I have plans to make a blanket basket for them in the (semi-near) future. It will probably live in the living room once it's done.

    I love your stack photos!

    ~ Meagan

  5. Quilts are displayed all over my house...wanna come see?

  6. I love your stack of quilts, so beautiful.

  7. The quilts we have so far are utility quilts. My Jane will be displayed on a wall if I ever finish LOL.

  8. I have a quilt rack. It's sort of old fashioned I guess, but it looks nice with all my quilts draped on it and I find it helpful to drape quilt tops and other WIP's on it so that I don't have to fold them up too much.


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