Thursday, October 31, 2013


A lot can happen
in one week!

Let's the past week,
I watched Not-So-Little-Person's
highly anticipated production of
Once Upon A Lily Pad....

flew to Houston for Quilt Market....

enjoyed Quilt Market...

flew home from Quilt Market...

did my other job...

cleaned up the bomb that exploded in my house while I was gone...

and collapsed from exhaustion!

There were several other no so glamorous things that went on in between
all of that, but I will spare you the boring details.

Since  exhaustion has brought about a case of bad blogger,
I am going to give you my Houston Quilt Market recap in the simplest form...
a list (because I love a well organized list).

So here we go:

We all know that Quilt Market is all about the fabric, but for me it is all about
seeing my Quilty friends! I am going to give you a mix of both.

1. Carolyn Friedlander's newest fabric line: Botanics. If you loved her Architecture fabric line, then you will love this one as well! The colors are amazing and they even have a metallic sheen to them. You must check them out!

3. Jen Kingwell Designs: Jen is an Australian designer and I am in love with her BOM patterns. I wanted to purchase her Gypsy Wife pattern but they were all sold out. 

4. Since they were sold out of the Gypsy Wife pattern, I bought her Stardust pattern instead.

5&6: Angela Yosten's school house for her latest book ,Sew Modern Baby. I totally want to make both of these quilts. They are featured in her book.

7-10: Natalia and her mom, Kathleen, wrote an awesome book together called Modern One Block Quilts. These photos are from their school and book signing. BTW-Don't you just love the total rock star photo that Katrina (no blog) and I took with the ladies?

11. Katrina & Kate Spain
16: United Notions booth

17: Katrina & I posing with the latest issue of Quilt Sampler magazine. The store that Katrina works at, JEllen's House of Fabric, was featured in the magazine. Way to go ladies!

18: Vanessa and I doing a silly pose...because our regular poses always come out silly anyway!

On a side note: "See Hubby...I do know these people In-Real-Life!!!"

19: Me and the Red Lobster (AKA Moda Lissa) at the Moda  party

There is always more to the Quilt Market story....and I'll try to fill you in on more of the action just as soon as I can catch up sleep!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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