Monday, October 7, 2013


At least once
a day I become
the neighborhood entertainment!

We (as in Rascal and I )
are working on our leash training.
He does go to a trainer and he does really well with my husband.
Me????...a different story.

So once a day,
I put on my running shoes, lift a few weights (to strengthen my arm muscles),
grab his leash, and say a quick prayer.

And well, 
we attempt to walk.
The scene looks something
 like Clifford the Big Red dog trotting down the street
with Emily Elizabeth.
Except Rascal the white lab puppy drags  petite Stefanie around the neighborhood.

Most of the time I am screaming
and the neighbors
get their daily dose of live action humor!

We are getting better
(I only have to yell  "SIT! SLOW DOWN! SIT" 20 times)
and I only have to take 3 Advils when I get home
because my arm & shoulder are so sore from the 30 pound dog pulling me .

So today,
I plan to walk Rascal the white lab puppy,
take my Advil,
and start cutting these:

That is if my arm isn't too tired...Wish me luck!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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Moda Fabric
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  1. Oh wow, we had the very same situation with a yellow lab. She was so strong. We ended up getting a leader that helped her know she was to "walk" and not "run". It does really work.

  2. That sounds like fun! LOL I love the fabric you have picked out!

  3. We have a 8 year old dog with the same problem. We (she & I) have been to dog obedience class 3 times! Finally, I got a lead (collar) that goes over the nose and so that she can't pull. I do hope all this is just puppiness and Rascal learns to behave for you. (Do you train with treats?) I have trained with no problem 4 other dogs - she's just special, as in e-specially bad.

  4. Oh, I remember those days. I did the make like a tree trick. Every time they pulled, I stopped and we went no where. I wouldn't walk again until the pup was sitting nicely next to me and we would start again. Sometimes we would only walk half a block in an hour. They soon got the idea and didn't pull if they wanted to get anywhere. Oh, I would treat like crazy when they came to sit next to me.

    He is a baby and will learn. =)

  5. Oh my gosh, little Rascal looks just like our Jasper! :-) We have two collars that work really really well - one is the gentle leader that was mentioned. The other is a harness - but the harness isn't attached to the leash from the back of the dog, the leash attaches to the front at their chest. So if they pull, they will get pulled back naturally due to the pressure on their chest.


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