Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This is the recap
of my weekend
(I know that I am a few days late):

It rained and I sewed!
End of story.

I wish that was the end of the story
because a lot went on between
the time that it rained and the time that I sewed.

Let's see...My Hubby was teaching/running
a Boy Scout Leadership camp all weekend.

It rained and rained.
Then Hubby called me at
begging me to bring breakfast to the camp
because the gas wasn't working in the camp kitchen
& they had no way to cook their food.
Did I mention that it was Saturday at 6 AM & it was raining?

So I hiked uphill 10 miles in the rain to feed the hungry campers.
Not really....
I drove
 but it was raining hard when I delivered the food.
After all of that I was too tired & unmotivated to do anything.

Meanwhile back at the camp,
Hubby put my "GOOD" camera down on the ground for a minute
and he stepped away.
Well....somebody drove a 4 wheeler right over it & damaged
my precious camera.
Crunch it went!!!!

So...guess who got a new present?????

Well, here are a few shots of  what I did do this weekend
(compliments of my new toy):

Nothing like getting a new camera
to motivate you to sew something!

So there you have it:

It rained and I sewed.
End of story.

On a final note:
tomorrow is Not-So-Little-Person's class play.
He will be an alligator in the widely anticipated production
Fred the Frog.
It should be very entertaining!
The stage is adorable...(I know because I helped them 
decorate it.)

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. What a sweet wife to feed all those hungry boys! At least you did not have to wait until Christmas for a new camera! LOL

  2. You are a better woman than I am, that is for sure!!


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