Friday, September 6, 2013


I am
going to go ahead and confess
that when it comes to binding,
mine usually ends up in/as a mess!

It is the kind of mess which looks like a giant dragon
tail trailing along my quilt.

Then one day, out of sheer frustration from stepping on the binding strip,
the angels' sounded their trumpets
and this idea popped into my head.
Now this isn't like rocket science or engineering,
it is just a simple idea 
that I wanted to write down & share with the other 
binding challenged quilters like myself!

Here we go:

Supplies Needed:

  • Empty spool of thread.
    •  I personally have been saving my empty spools of thread for a "project" that will someday pop into my I thought that the whole recycle, reuse thing was the right thing to do.I just haven't reused any of them until now.
  • Tape
  • Binding strip
    • For this quilt/tutorial, I used Simply Color by Vanessa of V and Co. This has become my "go-to" binding lately (and notice the mess).
  • Small Bowl (which is not in the photo)
  • OR roll of masking tape


Step 1:
  • Tape the end of your binding strip to the empty spool of thread.

Step 2:
  • Wind the binding around the spool.

Step 3:
  • Place the spool into your small bowl or other vessel. This helps to keep it from unrolling you are transporting it.

  • If you don't want to use the small bowl or vessel, you could place your spool inside the roll of masking tape. This will help to hold the spool in place while you are quilting at your machine.

Step 4:
  • When you are finally ready to quilt your quilt, simply carry your spool of binding over to your workstation and quilt away! long dragon tail to step on!

  • This also helps to keep things neat and tidy while you are quilting at your machine. Here is just the spool of binding at my machine:
  • Here it is with the roll of masking tape:
  • Finally, here it is with the small bowl:

I don't normally have the spool of binding/bowl sitting that close.
I usually have it sitting off to the side.
I just put it there for photographing purposes.

I hope that this small idea
helps you tame your binding
or at least
help to prevent you from stepping on it while you are quilting!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. Great idea. I am always running over mine with my chair wheels!

  2. I usually throw mine over my shoulder so that I can pretend I am Rapunzel. ;)

  3. I throw mine on the floor.Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great tip! I usually wind mine on a vintage wooden spool, run a piece of selvedge thru the middle and tie it to a 3 tiered metal basket I have right next to me when I am at my machine. It pulls off nicely as I am sewing it on my quilt top. I like the bowl ideas as it makes it more portable.

    Also, as I am ironing my binding in half, I wind it right on to the spool of thread.


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