Tuesday, September 3, 2013


how I love 3 day weekends!
I also love how
Labor Day marks the official end to summer.
I guess they didn't tell Mother Nature
the temperature at the end of summer
shouldn't  be 95!!!

Anyway, we put this fine 3 day weekend
to use with one last, long afternoon at the pool. 
Really, I just watched and ate Skittles
while Not So Little Person
jumped over and over again off the diving board.
He also did  a few laps of the breast stroke
 and I ate more Skittles.

Then Hubby took Not So Little Person & the puppy
to the lake for bike riding & hiking.
(For the inquiring minds...Rascal LOVED his swim in the lake)

So I celebrated the day by taking a NAP...a long, peaceful nap.
It was 94 degrees outside
and I couldn't think of a better way to
celebrate a day dedicated to the contributions of workers' across America!

Now onto another holiday...
did you realize that Christmas is like 16 weeks away?
It will be upon us before we know it
& I will once again be saying "where did the time go?"

For whatever reason,
I was in the mood to create something red & green, so I pulled out
some of my Marmalade by Bonnie&Camille fabric.
Before I knew it , a project was in the works:

nothing fancy...just a little something to satisfy
my "need" to create something because my sewing machine
was growing cobwebs!

Now to the SHOP updates:

The UPS man left me a wonderful package
filled with the latest
Moda Precuts!!!

Hold you squeals until I show you what I got:

Bluebird Park is designed by one of Moda's newest designers,
Kate & Birdie Paper Co.
Three words my quilting friends:

Both of these precuts are available in my SHOP
and yardage is yet to come.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

Little Lady Patchwork...the SHOP
Moda Precuts
Moda Fabrics
Free Priority Shipping On Orders Over $25.00

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  1. In my part of Australia the end of summer is the hottest part! Just what you need when you want it all over and the cooler nights.


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