Wednesday, September 11, 2013


things for today:

1. Thank you for all of your well wishes!

My "cold medicine fog"
(AKA-that hazy feeling you get when you take too much cold medicine)
finally wore off sometime on Monday.
 However the nasal congestion lingered on ...forever...not really but it felt like it.

Tuesday I felt somewhat human. The elephant that had been previously sitting on my head causing the sinus pressure had finally moved on and my appetite returned. You know that you are on the mend when you crave a meatball sandwich from Subway.

I spent the day catching up on work stuff
 washing the 75 pounds of laundry that the boys brought back from their 2 day camping trip.

2. Update on the puppy...AKA Rascal

Because I now have 10 family members that read my blog,
they have requested an update on Rascal.

Rascal survived his first boarding at the kennel.
The gals at the kennel said that he did well and didn't have any problems.
One of the gals said that he was "precious"...clearly she
didn't spend more than 10 minutes with him!
He is precious...but his name is Rascal for a reason!

Here are some recent photos of him
...and YES his moma loves him:

3. Update on the hand quilting

Yes...I did say that I was going to hand quilt my red/green mini quilt.
It wasn't the drugs typing, I am really going to give it a try.

I even started working on it:

At the moment I am up to about 6 stitches per HOUR,
which means that on a small quilt like this,
I should be done somewhere around December 31st!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. He is precious. =)

    So glad you are feeling better. =)

  2. Yes, Stefanie, but December 31st of what YEAR will you be finished with your quilting? (Just teasing.) I'm glad you are feeling better; colds are never fun. Rascal is so cute and adorable that he must be a welcome addition to your family!

  3. It's not just your family that wants updates on Rascal! He's the cutest little puppy EVER! Your stitching is looking great, very pretty. 6 stitches per hour? Yikes! I do hope that improves and you gain experience.


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