Wednesday, September 4, 2013


if that blog post title isn't a doozy then I
don't know what is!

It seems that 
Mother Nature is making it difficult
for me to get everyone into
the holiday spirit
with all of this 95 degree heat!

Not to mention that today is Wednesday
and not Tuesday, like my brain thinks it is.
And don't forget that we also had the changing of a month,
so now I am 
learning to write September on a Wednesday.

I'll get caught up eventually...or like next month.

Last night I had lofty plans
to finish up my 
red & green quilt project,
Not So Little Person's teacher decided to 
double up on the homework.....small price to pay
for having a day off.

This is as far a I got:

As you can see,
all I did was pin baste it while trying to find my 
Monday night TV shows, which I couldn't find
because it was Tuesday night!

Great progress for this tired Momma.

On the brighter side....i.e. Little Lady Patchwork SHOP news

We will begin 
to offer
custom fabric bundles!

I have coordinated them so that they can
be combined
to match any of your Moda Precuts.
You can add them to your stash
you can use them to make your own scrappy quilts.

Here is the first custom fabric bundle:

The Basic Grey Custom Bundle
PB&J Grunge & Blitzen.
Perfect for any of your upcoming holiday projects!

and if you want
to create a really scrappy holiday project,
try the
Basic Grey Layer Cake Bundle:

I'm planning to make us
some much needed
Christmas stockings out of these..wink..wink.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

Little Lady Patchwork...the SHOP
Moda Precuts
Moda Fabric
Free Priority Shipping On Orders Over $25.00


  1. Loving your quilt. It's Thursday over this way :-)

  2. I have had my days all mixed up this last week, too. =)

    Call me a curmudgeon, but little people should not have homework. They are there all day and need time to play when they get home.


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