Thursday, March 28, 2013


The other day
I posted the first installment of my
Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks HERE.
What I didn't show you were
the OUTTAKES of my blocks
(AKA-Messed Up/Ooops Blocks).
 They might look like the original blocks

boy did the first attempts
at these blocks
give me a FIT!
I mean enough to make this Little Lady talk UGLY!

I am using the template method to make my blocks,
I think that the paper piece method
would have been  the easier/more accurate choice.
So some of my issues
were computer printer related.
For whatever reason
my printer wasn't printing the templates
the correct size,
which lead to pretty blocks
that were not the right size!

This block is quite obvious.
The block on the left is 8 1/2".
The correct, remade block on the right is 6 1/2".
So here is my BATCH of Block #1.
They got rejected for various reasons.
Attempt #1 and Attempt #2 were the wrong size
I hated the color scheme/placement.
Finally I liked the color scheme of Attempt #3,
but once again
the block was the wrong size.
The final block is the correct size & color.
Honestly I don't know how
I kept going
after making the first block so many time!
The next blocks were all made the wrong size.
On Block #4
I wasn't so sure
about the
pink/brown colors.
So I remade the block
and I like
the subtle ombre look of the yellows.
Here are all of my Ooops Blocks:
at this point
I am going to salvage the blocks
and use them on the back of the quilt.
I have gotten the hang
of making the blocks
I haven't had any more Ooops Blocks.
I am kinda obsessed
with making them right now.
I will post the
next installment of my
Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks {the REAL one}
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  1. thank you for sharing your oops blocks with us:) I haven't started mine,but I have all the templates. Maybe I should paper piece them all now whenever I get to it!')

  2. I've had the same problem with some of the on-point blocks. I have some of the blocks with rotary cutting instructions on my blog. I didn't do them in the order of the book (alpha).

  3. Visiting from "Let's Get Acquainted" - at-least you have had a lot of practice with some of the blocks. I haven't made any of the Farmer's Wife blocks, but everyone seems to be making them now-a-days. I'm currently working on Dear Jane blocks and those present a little head-ache of their own since they are so small. Fun color choices by the way!

  4. Your #4 oops block is a little swastika-ish. Just goes to show you how important color placement is! I am glad you can use the rest on the back because they are still pretty even if they don't fit the dimensions.


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