Thursday, March 21, 2013


I love using Instagram!
{You can find me on Instgram @LilLdyPatchwork}
It is so quick and easy to just
post a quick photo
and a little blurb.
I love it so much that
I sometimes
forget to post things on my blog!
I hate that because
this is my little journal of "my stuff/my life".
Here are a few behind the scenes photos
of what's been going on
at Little Lady Patchwork:

The other day
my neighbor
inflated his hot air balloon in the lot next to his house
 & flew it over my house!
Nope!...I didn't go up in it even though they tried to get me up there!
I was happy to watch from the ground
and admire the balloon that reminded me of a QUILT!
Then ,
the other night I broke 2 sewing machine needles
while quilting! right after the other!
I saw this on Pinterest (sorry but I can't remember the link)
a natural house cleaner
made out of Dawn dishwashing soap & white vinegar.
I was going to try it out
time slipped by me.
Last but not least,
I organized my Moda Bella Solids.
I am trying to decide what I want my
next Barn Block to look like.
I did start cutting out these:
More to come on these blocks.
Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting

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