Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am currently working on
my next installment (AKA Quilt)
for my
Scrappy Precut Quilts Blog Series.
(You can read more about my Scrappy Precut Quilts HERE)

When you are working on a scrappy quilt,
it is sometimes difficult
to maintain
that "Scrappy feeling".
Here is how I cut and organize my fabrics
so that my blocks
maintain their "scrappiness"
without duplicating prints.
Let's use the simple 4 patch block for this example.
As you can see in the above photo,
I cut my Charm Squares
into (4) 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" squares.
The 2 1/2" squares are positioned in identical stacks.
I label the stacks so that I won't get confused.
Stack #1 will stay exactly as it is positioned.
Stack #2:
 I flip this stack upside down.
Now the bottom print will be on the top
when I as sewing the squares together.
The previous top print will then be on the bottom.
Stack #3:
 I treat this stack like a deck of cards.
I reach in and "cut the deck" somewhere near the middle.
Then I place the bottom part of stack #3 on the top  of stack #3.
Stack #4
I also treat this stack like a deck of cards.
This time I reach in and "cut the deck" somewhere toward the bottom.
Once again, I place the bottom of stack #4 on top of stack #4.
So when you sew the blocks together
they come out scrappy
without having to think about making it scrappy.
This little trick can be used for any block, not just the 4 patch!
I also use it when I am making
Half Square Triangles,
Flying Geese,
or 9 Patch Blocks.
Until Next Time... Happy Quilting


  1. Very clever. I usually end up pairing all my favourite fabrics together early on, then I'm left with blocks I don't like as much...

  2. I do the flip thing with two piles, but I love the idea you have for four piles. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Clever! I'm more a digger-matcher even if I'm doing scrappy because I always feel the need to match! but I will try this trick next time I'm doing something scrappy.

  4. Fantastic!
    This will help a lot next time I'm making scrappy blocks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. (So simple too!)

  6. Great tip!! I will remember this when I make my next scrappy quilt project! Thank you!

  7. I like to throw them all in the dryer for a few minutes on low just to mix them up. If I don't have dryer access or don't feel like paying for it (I live in an apartment) I throw them in a paper bag and shake the crap out of it. Your method has the advantage of not needing to re-stack, however. :)

  8. A great idea, l usually spend awhile deciding which one goes best with what but logically that's not ending up with a scrappy quilt lol. Am going to try your idea soon thank you.

    Peg xx

  9. This is such a great idea!! I am going to try this out!! Thanks!

  10. Genial!!!
    Me lo apunto y lo pongo en práctica!

  11. Great idea! I usually toss them in a bag and shake it,but then this slows down the process because now all the fabrics have to be resorted and stacked.

  12. Nice idea of separating the blocks and very well explained! Thank you, Stephanie!

  13. Kate, I do that too! I am definitely going to try Stefanie's strategy. I won't even know there are pieces or blocks that I don't like as much.


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