Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Giving Myself Permission {To Take Baby Steps}

So , from February 21-24, 2013,
Modern Quilters
from all around descended upon
Austin, TX to attend
Alas, this Little Lady didn't get to attend (this time)!
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and blogs everywhere
were filled with photos
of beautiful, modern quilts.
Inspiration and color were EVERYWHERE!
(so much that this Little Lady was a bit jealous)

I channelled my inner Denis Schmidt
& I gave myself permission
to let go
and try to make something modern (my version)
Something outside my normal, mainly traditional sense of quilting style.
I thought that I would try something
made entirely of solid fabrics.
You see
I have NEVER done something
made of ALL solid fabric.
I have an entire rainbow of Moda Bella Solids,
but sometimes
it is hard to see something without the prints to move my eye.
Baby steps you see...
I thought that it would be easiest to choose one color story
and work within that color story.
Baby steps you see...
Since it is close to St. Patrick's Day, here is what I choose:
Somehow my favorite American Jane print made it into the bunch
but it didn't stay for long.
Baby steps you see..
I finally settled on the following Moda Bella Solids:
Lime, Green Apple, and Pistachio (sounds like a crazy ice cream flavor)
Then I just started cutting
different size squares.
I wanted to make them totally wonky
but I just couldn't do it.
Baby steps you see...

When I started to lay out all of the pieces,
I started to panic....
that traditional Little Lady wanted to come out!
I almost caved & started using these:

I silenced her and kept on moving forward
with the solids.
More Baby Steps to come!
Until Next Time...Happy Quilting


  1. This will be fun to watch. I don't think I can do all solids.

  2. can't wait to see it! I love solids. I'm the opposite of you - I fear prints and only think design wise in terms of solids.

  3. The greens are just yummy! Can't wait to see your project.


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