Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Congratulations to:
(Patty, I have sent you an email. Please let me know which prize you would like!)
So there is ALWAYS a story!

Yesterday I posted this picture because while I taking
photos of my quilt,
I asked my Little Person
to go inside and collect some props that would match my quilt.
(AKA-give him something to do so that I could have a few minutes
to take the photos...alone!)
When he came back,
he said
"Here Mom, you can have these. These are my BABY toys that I don't play with anymore!"
You see, when I started blogging years ago,
my Little Person was a Little Person.
(If you look at the photo on my sidebar,
you can see his feet sticking out of the bottom
of my stack of quilts.)
He would sit on the floor in my studio and play with these very same toys
while I would be sewing on my machine.
Now my Not So Little Person
is off and doing/playing with other things.
Be still my heart....where did the time go?
Until Next Time ...Happy Quilting

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