Monday, August 26, 2013


was an uneventful weekend,
which was a good thing.

Well, we did have one tiny, 
little incident.

Not So Little Person
loves to go to his school's high school football games.
Let me remind you that he is WWWAAAYYY
to young to play (like he is in elementary school)
but he loves to go & watch the game
& hang out at the concession stand.
I mean that concession stand
is junk food heaven to a kid!

I really didn't feel like going to this home game
because it was way too hot....90 degrees
(I love football in the fall when it is cooler.)
So I might have accidentally
forgotten to mention it to him.

Later on that evening
we were watching the late version of the local news
of course they were broadcasting
the football game!
I played it off and told him it was an away
game, which we never go to.

Then the camera showed a shot of the scoreboard
& our field.
He went on & on about having to miss "THE GAME"...oh the horrors

Lesson for next time....never watch the late local news on Friday night
...just in case they show the game that you are trying to avoid

Despite the rather uneventful weekend,,
I  have a few things that I am totally crushing on right now:

I am quite picky about my candles. I don't like certain smells, especially really floral scents.
This one is perfect. I have been burning it a lot because
I really don't like the smell of "wet puppy dog", thank you rainy days.
I got this one at Dillards on sale. Try it sometime.

2. Lip Crayon

I don't like lip stick and I am really picky about lip gloss.
I hate it when lip gloss has a "taste" or when it is really sticky.

I bought these lip crayons on a whim at Rite Aid because I am a sucker
for those end cap displays.
Anyway, these are more of a tinted lip balm, just a hint of color.
They go on easily (like no mirror required) and they don't dry out my lips.
At $2.99 each, they were worth it.

3. Dritz Quilting Leather Thimble

I don;t know about you,
but I always have a hard time finding a properly fitting thimble.
I have tried just about everything.
Those stick on  patch things that look like Band aids never work for me.

I bought this while I was at Joann's and so far I like it.
If you have any other thimble suggestions,
please let me know.

4. Lush Uptown by Erin Michael

All I can say is ....JUST LOVE IT!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. That is my favorite thimble, too! I found it in with my mother's things.

    I think wearing lipstick is an art. I cannot do it. With your suggestion, maybe I won't have to go with naked lips my whole life. =)

  2. That lipbalm sounds very interesting! I have been looking for something like that and everything that I have bought dried out the lips. Horror! I will contact my US shopper in my family! LOL!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com


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