Thursday, August 1, 2013


in my mind I had lofty plans
to sit down and write my blog post
about Quilt As You Go Along (QAYGA)

I looked around my house
and I realized
that my 2 legged family members needed
to have clean clothes.
The laundry won and the QAYGAL post had to wait.
Now all my laundry is done!

When I finally made my way back to the computer,
all of my writing mojo was gone!
Nadda...just a blank screen.
I already had Mommy Mush Brain issues,
but now the puppy is here,
and everything has left my mind!

So rather than torture my brain,
I figured that I would ramble on about
the topic that is on my mind the most these days
(only because he is like my little newborn needing all of my attention)...

the puppy...AKA Rascal

and in this picture he is smiling at Momma (big grin):

Here is the update on Rascal:

1. He is 7 weeks and 2 days old.

2. He weighs 11 lbs 7 ounces.

3.  He has been a member of our family for 4 days.

4. He recognizes his name and responds to it on command.

5. He understands the concept of his kennel....and actually goes in there..

6. Loves to yelp at around 23:00!

7. Still working on house training...but I will say that he is pretty good with only an occasional accident.

8. He thinks that he owns the house...and if that is so, he can pay the mortgage :0)

9. He also thinks that the day begins at 5:00!...He needs a better clock because
I haven't gotten up that early in Y-E-A-R-S!

10. He likes to chew grass....he must be part cow because I don't get it.

11. Funniest thing so far....watching him stalk and try to chase a bird (the bird got away).

he does do this a lot:

which means that I had time to work on my
long forgotten
Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt!

I'll be able to post my most recent blocks
tomorrow for
Farmer's Wife Friday!

Thanks for sitting through my puppy recap!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. He is so darn lab boy is almost 11...I would love to have another little guy. Sweet! Sweet!

  2. Hehe Lola likes a bit of grass too. Usually when I want her to pee outside; she sits there munching grass and giving me "the look".

  3. And here is the recap of the puppy mill breeder I have had for 5 days. This little lady is so scared she cry's and drools. She will come out of the cage though very tentatively, well that is all she has known. She won't bark, now how do you suppose they managed that, with several beatings. She is terrified to eat because this was fighting time.

    With all the horror we are going through with this puppy mill dog, PLEASE PLEASE tell us you did not buy this dog from a breeder!

  4. Awww just adorable! Be patient, many puppies still have accidents even at 4 months. I'm happy for your family. There's nothing like puppy kisses. (and puppy breath!)

  5. All of the Awwws that is the sweetest face ever. Love puppy smiles and snoozes. Have fun and enjoy :)

  6. I agree....awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......... He is too cute!


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