Tuesday, August 20, 2013


this is our 3rd week of school
& I thought that I would
give myself 20 minutes to sit down and share
with you how our 1st day of school went.

every year on the first day of school ,
we have a tradition.
I always take
Little Person's first day of school photo.
I have been doing this ever since
he started Preschool.

Sounds great right????
Well..it is usually not so great
because I usually have to add an extra 10 minutes to the routine
& Little Person is already anxious about getting to school.

It always involves
me taking no less than 100 photos
of Little Person posing
at our front door
while he is holding his new backpack & new lunchbox.
I even take a photo of his new tennis shoes.
I know that it is crazy but someday 
we will look back at the photos and remember
just what his was "into" at that time
and laugh at how the shoes styles have changed.

Here is his first day of school photo from last year:

Apparently hew was into Lego Star Wars last year...
and he looks like he is trying to bolt out the door.

Here is this year's first day of school photo:

OMG....he looks like he grew at least 10 inches since the last photo!
And this year we are ALL about

As if this isn't enough,
I also take him to school on the first day
and take his photo
at the front door of the school:

This year,
Little Person turned around and said to me:
"Hurry up Mom...You are embarrassing me!"

What??????!!!!....You are still young and you have a ton
of Mom embarrassment coming your way Mister!

Well just to add to the embarrassment factor,
I made him stand next to his teacher for another photo!

After all of that,
I treated myself to 
Beignets from the local coffee shop
and a little time with my
Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt:

because it has been FOREVER
since I even looked at that quilt!

Thanks for listening and I hope that you can relate to the first day of school

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. He has grown! I tell my boys that we get to embarrass them for the rest of their lives after all the embarrassing they did to us as littles. =)

    How is the puppy training going?

  2. He has grown heaps! My son is nearly seven and won't give me a kiss goodbye at school anymore. So I give him big munchy kisses to embarrass him all the more! I told my little son who is four he has to kiss and cuddle me forever. He said yes! Hehe


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