Friday, January 18, 2013


Another busy week has flown by...
and now we are 
in the MIDDLE of January!
How did that happen?

I thought that I would share some of the photos
of my week
that I shared on INSTAGRAM
(yep, I love Instagram! You can find me at
LilLdyPatchwork on Instagram)

there was the Sock Hop at Little Person's school:

Sorry about the blurry photo 
but it was hard to
get a decent photo with all of the excitement
that was going on!

there was the rain 10 days in a row
of constant pouring rain!

I literally wore my rain boots everyday for the past 10 days!

There was so much rain
that I had "a river and 3 lakes"
in my front yard!

Well..then today the rain brought
SNOW! read that right...snow in Mississippi!

Not much snow..but enough snow to cancel school for the day.

For the past month
Little Person has been "asking" and "begging" for snow,
well he got his wish:

So we had a huge snowball fight, made snow angels, and drank hot chocolate.

We loved every minute of it!

Oh yeah,
while I was stuck indoors,
I did a little stitching...more on that later.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting


  1. A Sock Hop! What fun!!

    We could sure use that moisture here in Iowa. We are bone dry. Not good.

  2. I bet he liked the sock hop and more importantly all that snow;)

  3. awesome. you got snow! we have no snow but it's cold at 15 degrees outside!


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