Monday, January 28, 2013


Have you met GLAMPING?

She mixes glamour and camping in this fabric line
and it is available in our SHOP!

Mary Jane's Glamping was first shown at Houston Quilt Market 2012
and it immediately caught my eye!

(Now that is my kind of camping!
  I have a budding Cub Scout and a Den Leader at my house
We have lots of camping equipment but nothing like this :0)

Oops, now back to the reason for the post:

So I couldn't resist and I opened up my Glamping Precut
and here is all of its yumminess:

Oohhh the colors!....Ooohhh the prints!

The yellows, reds, and touches of brown are my favorites.

Now, Hubby came in when I was ooooing and ahhhing over the fabric
and he said that she made this print for me:

and look...she even has RED nail polish!

Now I am off to make something out of these!...I mean I just can't let an open precut sit there right?

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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