Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making Progress

This weekend I did a very clumsy thing.

I knocked over my cup of tea &

it spilled all over my keyboard.

Now all of my keys stick when I type

& I am waiting for my new keyboard to arrive.

Since it takes me forever to type,

I spent some time working

on this .

The progress stopped when I got a last minute

invite to have lunch with friends.

A quilter's gotta eat sometime!

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!


  1. OMG, I ADORE that brown argyle print! What is it and where can I find me some?!

  2. Long time no see! I just had to pop over and catch up....I love these fabrics...Happy almost over summer!

  3. Having lunch with friend got to be good. I hope your friend is a quilter too - Enjoy Nat

  4. Those look fabulous! Bet you got more accomplished without a keyboard!!!!!!

  5. Do I spy some RK goodies from Quilt Market??? Can't wait to see what you do with those yummy prints :)

  6. It looks cheerful....

    Sorry about your keyboard. I did that with milk once. Yuck.

  7. THose colors and fabrics are so fun and cheery!


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