Thursday, August 5, 2010

How I Spent My Summer (Part 2)

I thought that I would share a little bit more

about my version of hexagons.

I think that I do mine a little bit


My hexagon quilt is made up of MODA scraps

from my previous projects.

Whenever I complete a project,

I cut whatever pieces that I can into 2 1/2" squares.

Then I throw them into a box.

Whenever the mood strikes me,

I reach in and grab 6 squares.

I baste these squares and them sew them into a flower.

I don't baste my hexagons ahead of time because

I like the excitement of seeing the completed flower

and I love the scrappy, unplanned feel of each flower.

Here is an idea of what all of my flowers will look like :

Of course my Little Person had to lend a helping hand:

Someday I will start to attach each of the flowers

together but until then,

they will live nice and neat in my box.

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting!


  1. They are so cute. Do you use a paper template for your hexies??

  2. Yay you! Good job ... and aren't they just oh so pretty stacked so nicely in your box ?!! ;)

  3. Your hexies look absolutely fabulous. When you have time, do you think you could do a couple of tutorials on how 1. you baste the hexie and then 2. how you attach them together. Your hexies are the most lovely stitched I have seen and I would love to see how you accomplish that!!

  4. I second the need for a tutorial. I have yet to enter the world of hexies, perhaps because I have no idea how to make them.
    They are all very pretty and resourceful!

  5. I third it! Yours are lovely...and inspirational!


  6. Ohhhhh, I love that you dont plan it out! They look great!


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