Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(Mary of Quilt Hollow, this is for you!)

We all know that inspiration can come

from anywhere.

But sometimes, when

you need some fresh, new ideas

just give your Little Person

a blank piece of paper and

a set of markers

and watch the magic happen.

Here is the inspiration

that my Little Person gave me today:

Funny how my Little Person is using both hands!

I think that I spy a colorful Stacked Coin quilt

in my future.

Until Next Time ...Happy Quilting!


  1. how wonderful is that ... even better though is that you recognized his inspirational brilliance! Great job Mom!

  2. I totally agree about inspiration coming from anywhere! I recently blogged about loving the design on the quilted toilet paper! I'm odd...I know!

  3. I just love it! Precious moments girl, I tell ya!

  4. I think a couple of people in your home have a great eye, Stefanie!!
    Happy Quilting,


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