Sunday, June 13, 2010

This One Is For Kelly!

I just couldn't end all of Quilt Market

memories without one

last post. This is a really special one to me, so please

forgive me.

Kelly & I have been  friends for quite some time now

and during Quilt Market we had the opportunity

to meet in real life.

We had a wonderful time walking around and chatting about our

favorite subjects (quilts & fabrics). 

This was truly the highlight of Quilt Market for me!

So here is a short letter:

Dear Kelly,

I don't remember if you came to my blog first

or if I came to your shop first,

but at that moment a great friendship was formed!

We have shared the good and the bad.

But most of all

you have reminded me to use my wings to fly

and fly I did!

I know that things are in transition for you and your shop ,

but great things are also on the horizon for you!

I will be there watching when you are ready to

use your wings to fly! Cheering you all the way!

Thanks again for the everything!

(Insert hugs, smiles, and lots of tears!!!)


P.S. Studly, thank you for driving Kelly to Quilt Market!


  1. Yeah, everyone knows Kelly, she organizes all the fun quilt parties! It was great that you two met! Love your quilting smile!!!

  2. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have clicked on her link and read her 'transition' post, Stefanie. I'm struggling with some personal stuff right now, career related, and it really helped me confirm what I already know - keep my love of quilting a love, a hobby...Sometimes you get so involved and caught up in it all. So..thanks! ;-)

  3. Oh Stef - I am so grateful that we met! Our friendship is so very special to me - and meeting you at market was the highlight of the trip! I have to tell you again - I'm SO VERY PROUD OF YOU - and so very excited about your bright future, and all of the fun things on the horizon! So, you keep right on flyin girl - and I'll be here cheering you on! And, knowing that you're there for me too - well, now I'm crying! You know I heart ya, Stef!!!

    Oh - and Studly says you're very welcome - and he enjoyed meeting you, too!!!

  4. I second everything in your post...I've only talked with Kelly via blogging and e-mail...but you can just tell what an amazing person she is! Lucky for you both to meet!

  5. I've only just now been blogging with Kelly. I've seen her name out there forever but never really knew just how wonderful a gal she is. Your sweet post confirms everything I suspected and YOU BOTH WILL FLY!! Oh yes, have some wonderful things ahead and it is wonderful you were able to meet up with somebody who backs you 110% like myself! So to both you and Kelly....Congrats!!

  6. what a nice post! glad you were able to meet in person


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