Friday, November 8, 2013


Now you can add
to my list!

The other day I told you about 
Well it looks like you can now add
"lost all of her marbles" 
(aka absentmindedness)
to the list.

While I was cleaning off the mounds of stuff that I had on 
my cutting table, I found the above stack of triangle blocks.

I thought that I had pressed and trimmed all of my blocks!

Well...I guess not because these blocks were hidden under 
a stack of fat now I have to press and trim these blocks
(which is not my favorite thing to do).

Here is my attempt (in list form) to justify my "lost marbles":

1. Halloween:

We went trick-or-treating in the rain. The Little People loved it! Their moms, not so much.
After that I got sick....
from eating all of the left over candy at my house...not the rain.

(The rain decreased the number of kids that came to our house, hence the BAGS 
of candy sitting on my kitchen counter!)

2. Not-So-Little Person's class play:

I was drafted to help decorate the stage for the play.
Here is a tip: never tell anyone that you can craft
or else they will volunteer you for EVERY activity that requires a craft!

3. Cub Scout Camp

I went with Not-So-Little-Person to his Cub Scout Camp.
We had a BLAST!
And guess what...I learned how to shoot a bow & arrow...
and guess what....
I loved it! Now I want one of my own.

4. Rascal

Mommy's baby is growing up...and requires more walks &
energy burning activities!
After all of the above....I'm tired!!!!

For the inquiring minds...he weighs 37 lbs..
 he lost all of those sharp puppy teeth.

So there you have it.....
my inner blogging diva is tired...
and she lost all of her marbles!

Here's to a more productive upcoming week.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. I just moved and mentioned to someone I quilt, and she asked me if I could piece an entire quilt top for her in our first conversation! LOL
    At least you found your blocks!

  2. Well, the upside of finding the blocks is not having to make more, right? And the candy had to be totally worth it Im sure!

  3. yay for no more sharp puppy teeth! :) Puppies are adorable, but definitely not my favorite stage :)

  4. We had rain on Halloween, as well. My solution was to give the kids that did come to my door, 3 or 4 candy bars, just to make sure I got rid of them all. We were almost successful. =) I had my fair share and the rest went to the boys. ;)


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