Friday, April 12, 2013


Week #4 already?????
What a week it has been...
pollen...allergies....Cub Scouts...terrible weather
This week
was able to make a few more
Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks:

One thing that I have learned
in the past 4 weeks,
is that
I need to be the mood/right frame of mind
to work on these blocks.
Some of the blocks are easy.
Other blocks require more concentration.
I have found that if
I work on the blocks
right after my Little Person
goes to bed,
I have better results.
If I wait until late at night I'm too tired and the results
aren't as good.
So, last night
I pulled out these and started working on them:

Once I got on a roll,
I was able to make 4 blocks...well,
technically 3 Farmer's Wife Blocks and 1 extra.
Block #18: Century of Progress
This block gave me a fit! I honestly don't know why
I didn't save this block until later.
It has it's issues, but I am over it and I am just going to move on.
You can't tell from the photo,
but there are actually two shades of orange in this block...
ombre affect...sort of.
Block #68: Postage Stamp
While I was cutting out my fabrics
for this week's blocks,
I noticed that
was the Postage Stamp Block.
I figured that since I was already
cutting out the pieces for the Barn Block,
I might as well jump ahead and cut out the pieces for the Farmer's Wife Block.
Now all I have to do is construct Barn #3 for the Barn A Long.
Block #20: Churn Dash
If I would have checked Lori's blog
before I started cutting out this block,
I would have found out
that Barn Block #4 is the Churn Dash!
Ughh...I could have cut out those pieces as well!
Stats: 4 weeks of Farming
18 blocks done...
many more to go!
I am linking up to
She is hosting the Farmer's Wife Friday.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting

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  1. I just love the Churn Dash block.... Great solids...

  2. This is going to be an amazing quilt!

  3. I'm amazed that you are making both the barn-along and the farmer's wife quilt :) You go!
    How many blocks have you completed on the Farmer's wife quilt so far? You seem to be really on a roll.
    Loving the bright colors.


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