Friday, April 5, 2013


With all of the
"Barn Building"
that I did this week,
I didn't think that I would
be able to make any
Farmer's Wife Blocks!
I was able to make 5 blocks again this week:

I guess that I can blame it on my obsession....
what I mean is...
once I cut out my blocks (any blocks)
to put them together
I don't like to have my blocks
sitting around too long...pieces get lost...or moved..
or shuffled around.
So I just put them together once I cut them out...
I just can't wait to see what they look like
when they are done.
This week,
I made these blocks:
#13 Buckwheat
#14 Butterfly at the Crossroads
#15 Buzzard's Roost
#16 Calico Puzzle
#17 Cats & Mice
15 blocks down...only 60 something more to go!
On a side note,
I'm a proud momma this week:
My Little Person earned his
Tiger Cub Badge!
He got these awards at his Pack's Blue&Gold Party this week.
I am linking up to
She is hosting the Farmer's Wife Friday.

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting!
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  1. They look great in solids! Feel a tad guilty that I gave up on my Farmers Wife so quickly...

  2. Love your blocks. The solid colors are a great idea! :)

  3. Your blocks are awesome as usual and you made a lot this week! Congrats on your little cub. My son is working on getting his Eagle right now, so close!


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