Monday, August 6, 2012

Reflections {Inspired By Mary of Quilt Hollow}

{This post is for Mary of Quilt Hollow, who is always
reminding me to stop and relish all the moments
that I have with my Little Person. Thanks Mary for all of your support! XOXO}

Summer officially ended today for me. was the first day of school
and of of course I was filled
mixed emotions
(imagine that).

You see, it seems like yesterday when I took this photo
of my Little Person.
Well that was December 2009!

Those feet look so "tiny" compared to what they look like today!

BTW-that stack of quilts was my "completed quilts for
December 2009"!
Gosh I wish that I could get even half of that done now.

So fast forward to today:

the first day of 1st grade! much to reflect upon!

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting


  1. The years go by so quickly. You just have to appreciate them all.

  2. Oh gosh , so many more emotional joys for you ahead too. I always say I want to go back and have a few redos...the really fun times! Hugs

  3. Darling quilt pic with little man's feet tucked in there---I don't think I have ever seen that pic before:)

    My Ayden is gearing up for Pre-K soon. I am definitely going to be sad:( And happy:)


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