Monday, March 29, 2010


Welcome to Little Lady Patchwork!

You have landed on my new blog.

Many of you have previously known me

as  The Quilt Buddy.

When I started blogging 2 years ago, I wasn't so sure about

my blog name.

Now that I have a new hairstyle, a new attitude, a new computer,

and a new sewing machine,

I feel like it is time to change my name

to something that is more me.

Something that is not new, is my love for all things MODA.

So, it is only fitting that the first post on my new blog

should be about something MODA.

I took this:

and added a few other MODA lines

(Zippity Doo-Dah, Fig Tree, Collections for a Cause-Tradiations)

and I created my Red, White, & MODA quilt:

I just love how the green from the Fig Tree fabrics give it

a lit bit of dimension.

Once again....welcome to  Little Lady Patchwork!

Thank you for stopping by my new blog.

Until Next Time... Happy Quilting!


  1. AWESOME! This is very exciting! Go Stef!!!

    You have a beautiful smile! (& I love your hair-do)

  2. The new blog looks so nice! Isn't it great to start fresh!!

  3. Love it all - so fresh, clean and pretty.

    Your makeover "do" is wonderful...and I'm not talking just your hairdo...LOL

    And what a perfect first post - a beautiful patchwork to match your new name.

    Stef - you're a winner in my blogging world.

    Way to go, girl!

  4. Congrats on the new blog, and LOVE the quilt. It is just beautiful!

  5. Love the quilt, it's beautiful and so are you! I love your smile! ☺

  6. Congratulation on your new blog... Everything looks so fresh and "springy"! Love your quilt!

  7. So glad I stopped in!! I love your blog!!

  8. Love the new look!

  9. I think my last comment got lost... I have you added into my reader and I think this name suit's you nicely!

  10. Nice to see your smiling face!! Love the new look!

  11. Hello!!!! :o)
    Found your new place..... Haope for you a Happy Start here... HUGS!!!

  12. Love the moda quilt. Congrats on the new address and attitude!

  13. Gorgeous Quilt!

    Congrats on the new site.

  14. Hello there! Love the new site and quilt!

  15. I love your new name and blog. And what a pretty quilt! I get so much inspiration from reading all these blogs, and now I have to add your quilt to my list of 'wants'. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Congrats on your new blog Stef! I love it - everything looks GREAT (especially that pretty profile picture - smile)!!! Love the new quilt, too - and am so excited about all you and "Little Lady Patchwork" have in store for us!!!

  17. it's beautiful....I love your picture too! It is so nice to put a face with all of our emailing back and forth.....So is this blog taking the place of the quilt buddy blog?

  18. This quilt is a winner! I love it! (May shamelessly copy you.) I'm with you on the green. Love the depth it brings.

  19. ...HEY....What thaaaa...???? So glad I found you!!! Would NOT want to miss out on whatcha do!!

  20. I really love it. I love open space like that one has. IT makes the beautiful fabrics stand out.

  21. I love your new blog name and space. I have been wanting to change mine too. But I can't come up with anything I like :) Beautiful quilt as always

  22. I love this quilt! Are those all charm squares? How big is it all finished? I love quilts with a lot of white in them. I really love your new project for moda- the charm stars. Will definitely be putting that one on my to do list!! I've been hoarding urban indigo charm packs and this may be the perfect way to use it.


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