Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mail Call

This lovely little package arrived in my mailbox.

It was an unexpected surprise from Cindy (SewCindy) !

Just one small problem:

my Little Person saw it in the mailbox

and he assumed that Mickey Mouse sent it to him!

Do you see the problem?

Yep! No letting go of the pakage!

So I bribed him in my "BEST Mommy Voice"

and I let him open it up for me.

These lovely goodies were inside:

MODA charm packs- Collection for a Cause: Charity

(How did she know that I heart MODA?)

(After my Little Person opened the package,

he said " It's only  for your work!")

We became instant cyber friends!

Her emails and blog posts always put a smile on my face.

BTW---She is a quilting machine.

She has completed 10 projects for this month!

Thank you again Cindy from the bottom of my heart!

Until Next Time ...Happy Quilting


  1. I adore Cindy...I'm glad you two "met"...your both easily favorite bloggets of mine!

  2. Ah, geez - I'm smiling, with both a grin and a wide heart.

    As your little one says "For your work".....what they don't think of...LOL

    I intentionally had to put your goodies in a Mickey Mouse envelope because I was thinking of Mr. Little One. And I couldn't resist the tractor buttons for him either..........but remember, it's "for your work"...LOL

    Happiness is: Making someone smile.


  3. That is just so sweet! And so is Cindy!

  4. Is Cindy the bomb or what! Enjoy those goodies - I can't wait to see what you make with them!!

  5. Love your new blog look!! Nothing beats getting packages of fabric from blogging friends :-)

  6. Dont you love getting fabric in the mail? Thanks for your comment on my quilt, i used iron on interfacing then turned right side out then used my bernina to go around the edges with the blanket stitch. very easy! Have a good weekend!

  7. what a sweet thing for her to do! I imagine when the little guy saw that package he was pretty excited......It looks like he was quite the helper......


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