Friday, March 29, 2013


I didn't think that I was going to make it this week!
We actually had our Spring Break two weeks ago
this week is a short week
because of Easter Break.
This meant that my week
was spent
preparing for the class Easter Party.
Let's just say...
lots of eggs & cupcakes
have made their way through my house.
So with everything going on,
my project table looked like this
for several days:

My table looked like this for so long
that I forgot which blocks
I was supposed to be working on!
I am making my blocks in order
or else
I would have been totally confused
as to which blocks
those tiny triangles went to.
Once I got on a roll
I was able to make 5 more blocks.
The same number that I made last week
when I wasn't busy!
Here they are:

I went back and made Block #5
for some reason I skipped it last week.

Block #11 Broken Dishes
reminds me of $$$$$.
I guess that with all of the Power Ball Jackpot Hoopla
going on,
this color scheme got stuck in my head!
(Too bad it didn't get stuck in my pocket!)
After two weeks,
I have a total
of 10 Farmer's Wife  Quilt Blocks completed.
Here is what they all
look like together:
I am linking up to Ellie of Craft Sew Create.
She is hosting the Farmer's Wife Friday.
Until Next Time...Happy Quilting
Moda Precuts
Moda Fabric
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  1. I really love how you're doing yours in solids! So pretty! My mom and I are doing ours in Color Me Retro - boy oh boy do I hate those itty bitty triangle pieces!!


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