Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quilt Market...Tour of Rooms Continues

Once upon a time,

a Little Girl Little Lady wandered around the aisles

at Quilt Market to find a booth (AKA-ROOM)

to call her own.

The next stop on my quest to find the perfect MODERN Room

led me to this.

Room #6 : Patty Young

My girl Patty did not diasppoint me with her booth!

See the cute knit outfit hanging in the back?

Patty made it out of her new knit fabric

and she wore it to School House!

I wanted to take a nap in this bed,

but her new Potty Doll had already claimed the spot!

and best of all,

Patty came prepared for me to move in!

She put this in her ROOM:

 She stole my heart with that one!

Until Next Time ...Happy Quilting!


  1. Some people are truly amazing...what a wonderful room.

  2. Another great room! So I keep trying to find out...maybe you know...will Patty release patterns for her knit top and skirt...'cause I want to sew them!

  3. That sweet, precious little sewing machine is the same one that Santa left our granddaughter this past Christmas. It REALLY sews nicely !!

    What a wonderful room for any little girl to feel right at home in - ready to play dolls.

  4. what a fun room for any little girl....I love the bedspread!!!! Quilt? the fabric is so great....


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