Friday, May 3, 2013


You skip a week of "Farming"
and it is hard to get back into the swing of things!
This week was just as crazy as
the week before
(the school year is almost over for us!Like in 2 weeks!)
I had to schedule
some dedicated time to "Farming".
So yesterday
I made these blocks:

I had forgotten how much
I love cutting out these little pieces:
I made 3 Farmer's Wife Blocks:
#25 Cups & Saucers
(Skipped #26 for now because there were too many pieces to fool with at this time)
#27 Darting Birds
#28 Duck and Ducklings
My favorite from this set of blocks is:
The lighting must have been bad when I took this photo,
because the block color is really blue
and not grey like it is in the photo.
Stats so far:
6 weeks of Farmings
26 Farmer's Wife Blocks made...sixty something more to go
I am linking up to
She is hosting Farmer's Wife Friday.
Until Next Time...Happy Quilting
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