Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The weather has turned cold and winter is knocking on our doors.
When the weather turns cold,
I love to ...read!
I love to grab a pile of books,
a cuppa tea,
and a favorite quilt
and just sit...and read.
Today I took advantage of some quiet/alone time
and I grabbed these:

 Before I knew it I was lost in a world of inspiration...
and color!
These are my favorites:
(Hi Aneela! I still want that shirt that you made!)
(BTW-Natalia has another version of her orange slice cover quilt on her blog...just in case you want to drool!)
So each of these ladies have inspired me to try something new...
something that I didn't think I could do!
What I think that I am really drawn to (at the moment)
is all of the hand projects which are perfect for this time of the year.
Soon I left the books behind
in search of all of the supplies I will need for these hand projects.
Until Next Time... Happy Quilting


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