Thursday, September 27, 2012


For some reason,  I have gotten on a 1 inch squares
(finished) kick.
I was in my studio the other day
sitting on the floor with a PILE of scrap fabrics
Hubby comes in and the story goes like this:
Hubby: Hey Honey! What are you doing?
Me: Cutting fabric.

 Hubby: Where?
Me: Right here!

Hubby: Those tiny things?
Me: Yes.

Hubby: What would you do with those tiny things anyway?
Me: Make a quilt!
He obviously doesn't get it!
He obviously doesn't know that quilters don't throw ANYTHING away!
So, I have cut quite a few 1 inch squares
and I have stored them in this cute container
(more on that later).
and...I have actually started to layout my plan.

Thanks for listening
(and who knows, I might even put together a little tutorial for you)!
Until Next Time.... Happy Quilting!


  1. Ha! I had a similar convo with my hubs a while back, only my squares were 1 1/2". You are REALLY ambitious! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  2. Ha!!! Plus we love to drive ourselves crazy, don't we?

  3. Oh, yes! Please show us a tutorial!

    I go back and forth with my scrap bins and how to handle them. I have them sorted by color, which was the smartest idea. I find i use them a lot more often because they are easier to get to. But I do wonder...Should I sort them according to color AND cut them to specific size squares or leave them the way they are and cut them when I need them. Oh, the dilemmas of quilting that can keep one awake at night! lol

  4. They think we have lost it I bet sometimes when it comes to quilting ideas!! Have fun!

  5. I love 1 1/2" squares...but I haven't been brave enough to start a project with them yet! Yours are going to be beautiful put together!


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