Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo Favorite

I am making progress on this:

My progress has been slow,

but I have been able to piece together

a few row of my HST blocks.

I am in no big rush to finish this quilt

because it is something just for me.

For now, I am just enjoying the process.

Until Next Time ... Happy Quilting!


  1. Looks like a zigzag top:) Those are so cool!

  2. Progress is Progress!! I am loving those colors! I tell my sweetie, "If I can just get a few stitches in every day.." As always, thank you, love to see what you're working on. :)

  3. Happy Friday Stefanie. Wandered what is going to be? Have more fun piecing - Hugs Nat

  4. I'm liking the look of this. I have a similar pattern on my to do list. Can't wait to see it.

  5. Well now you have my curiosity....I'll just have to come back to see what you having going over here!

  6. good for you...enjoying the process. i usually forget to do that cause i'm so wrapped up in the result!

  7. I think that you are right...Enjoy the process!


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