Monday, June 28, 2010

I Have Been Baking

I have been in the kitchen baking today.

I made a few of these:

You can find the recipe over here:

Please stop by the Moda Bake Shop and let them know what you think.

Until Next Time ...Happy Quilting


  1. Well...HERE YOU ARE!!! It's like I lost you and I got sooooo behind on what you have been up to...which is quite a lot!!! I just didn't get your new blog name into my reader!!!
    Congrats on your new business venture...I wish you all the best and MUCH success with your designs!!!!

  2. Beauty note card, congrats - will go and check it out on Moda Bakeshop - Hugs Nat

  3. "Sweet" card from a "sweetie".

    You can be sure that I'll be making several of these, Stefanie, to give as thank-you notes.

    I'm sure they'll be very much appreciated because of the thoughtfulness of being homemade.

    You're special !!!

  4. So awesome girl!! I've been waiting and this is soooo you! More please! LOL! :0)

  5. WOO HOO I'm off to check the moda site, too! Congratulations!! They're completely adorable.


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